• Where are there opportunities for innovation in the fashion industry?
  • Within the next 15 years the fashion industry will face challenges like: material shortages, population growth, and climate change. What will fashion look like then?

    The fashion industry adapts quickly because it is driven by the values of its customers. For that reason, I believe women hold the power to re-define fashion.

    The challenge is to extend the right invitation to encourage more considered choices and behaviors. 
  • How do women use the clothing they own?

    Many garments in a woman's closet are not considered active in their wardrobes, and go unworn for long periods of time. 
  • Would women be open to sharing these types of garments?
  • To find out, I conducted in-home interviews to gain an understanding of how women value fashion and to further explore their interest in a clothing lending service. 

    The women I spoke with expressed excitement towards the idea of borrowing garments. For instance, to wear on a date, out with friends, to work, or even on vacation.

  • How does the cultural movement towards sharing play into this idea?
  • This chart is provided by Collaborative Consumption.
  • Building on the notion that 20th century consumption patterns are unsustainable there is a growing shift towards sharing or collaborative consumption.

    This shift continues to grow as a result of:
    - increased desires for community
    - environmental concerns
    - reduced consumption brought on by the recession
    - technology that has enabled sharing at scale
  • Are there behavioral trends specific to the fashion industry that support this idea?

    Yes, there are several indicators of a shift in behavior including:

    - a rise in thrift or second hand shopping
    - self imposed clothing diets and fashion challenges
    - community-wide clothing swaps and 'naked lady' parties
  • What would a fashion lending service be like?
  • FLUX: a fashion library

    This lending concept is intended to fulfill a woman's desires for fashion and at the same time extend the life-cycle of the garments that are produced.

    Flux offers members an invitation to change their behaviors in relation to the purchase and use of clothing.
  • September 2011: FLUX opened for a trial run in Portland, OR. 

    For six weeks ten women, borrowed garments, and shared their feedback on the experience.

    In December 2011, FLUX was a finalist in GOOD Magazine's GOOD 100 Challenge: Sharing Is The New Owning.

  • If you would like to learn more about the project or collaborate, do get in touch.
Flux is a concept for garment lending.
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